We welcome new participants to a few sessions and/or events in a sheltered environment to see if the club and sport is right for them before joining up as members, but after that we do expect all individuals taking part regularly to hold a valid and appropriate club membership.

You can find out more about costs by viewing our Fees Guide. Membership can be purchased through our online membership system (download pdf version) or by handing in a form with appropriate payment at a session or event. Please note the online service does not take money automatically and you will be required to provide cash, cheque or manually set up a bank transfer with the provided details.


  • Adult – Over 18 at the beginning of the membership year
  • Youth – Under 18 at the beginning of the membership year
  • Student – Full Time Education i.e. 16+hours per week
  • Family – Adults/Parents and any of their children that are youth/students at the beginning of the membership year
  • Affiliate Standard – Clubs/Groups/Organisations that would like to participate in our activities
  • Affiliate Mutual* – Clubs/Groups/Organisations with an agreement for an agreed level of participation for both parties
  • Concessionary* – Extenuating Circumstances i.e. unemployed, OAP, infrequent attendance from impractical distance, life changing events, financial difficulty, work uncertainty, etc.

*If you are interested in proposing a mutual affiliation agreement or would like to be considered for a concessionary please get in touch


  • Club British Canoeing Affiliation more info
  • We have members trained in Event Safety Management, Safeguarding, First Aid, etc. to help us be safer and more organised
  • Club kit and public liability insurance for individuals on club organised events
  • Kit Hire/Use is only charged for wear and tear only
  • Support for our volunteers, committee, coaches and leaders for small essential expenses
  • Access to administrative tools such as website, webcollect, advertising and communication
  • A community to meet and find other like minded participants, coaches, leaders and volunteers
  • A place to ask for resources, training and help with planning and preparation for you own events
  • Meet a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about their sport from a variety of backgrounds
  • Request assistance with personal development, progression and skill development
  • A committee who take on a massive responsibility to deliver a quota of events, trips, courses, socials in efforts to help you… being part of the club means you can take advantage of their hard work!

Temporary Membership

We try to be flexible for those less actively involved with the club, so everyone attending a standalone event that doesn’t hold a full membership can purchase a temporary membership for each event they attend. When the amount paid on temporary membership subscriptions are equivalent to that of a full membership subscription you can email to be upgraded to a full member. If you choose to become a full member prior this the membership fee will be offset by the temporary memberships paid.